The Vector Difference

More than 30 years ago, Vector Transport started with a list.

Two lists, actually, in which Vector President Joe Estess wrote down everything he hated about working with freight brokers. As a longtime shipper and carrier, Joe knew the pitfalls of the business firsthand. So when a trusted employee asked him to go into the brokerage business, Joe explained what was wrong with the industry from both perspectives.

His shippers list said:

  • Brokers don’t care about my business.
  • This is just a load to them, but it’s my livelihood.
  • They’re never around on weekends or after hours when things go wrong.
  • Not interested in service; they just want my money.

His carriers list:

  • If a confirmation number or address or other information they gave me is wrong, I can’t unload on a weekend because I can’t reach them.
  • They pay too slowly—60 days or more—if they pay at all.
  • Nothing is in writing, so agreed-on rates often change on their whim. Joe and the original Vector team took every item on the negative lists and reversed them to form Vector’s mantra, mission, and organizing principles.

The Vector Difference

  • We know our customers and their businesses; we pride ourselves on long relationships. We know your busy days or weeks, and you know what to expect from us.
  • We have a sense of urgency about every single load.
  • Our integrity is beyond question.
  • We pay our carriers in 16 days, guaranteed, with the added option of quick pay available
  • Rates are agreed-on up front and in writing. No cheating.
  • We offer Advanced Shipping Sense! Click to Learn More

With those rules as our guide, Vector set a new standard for excellence in shipping. Vector created a new category— an offsite 3PL transport company — a service provider who is a true business partner to carriers and shippers.

Join the team who’s still leading the way. Become a Vector Certified Carrier, or get a free rate quote on your next load.

Our integrity and constant communication process truly set us apart from other offsite 3PL companies. Vector’s exclusive Advanced Shipping Sense standard allows shippers to plan their loads ahead of time with one quick call or email to a Vector representative, all while maintaining the same high-quality customer service that clients have enjoyed since 1991. We are proud to say that our services shatter the competition by providing efficiency that other offsite 3PL service providers lack. While these companies usher you through multiple representatives to book and track shipments, we provide a one-stop shop from pickup to delivery — handling all of the tracking and communication in between. We realize that shippers have different needs and requirements when it comes to shipping their livelihood. That’s why we customize your logistical plan from the ground up – taking into consideration your busiest days, difficult lanes, and problem destinations. We then do everything in our power to ensure your freight is delivered safely and on time. From a reefer in New Orleans to a flatbed in Seattle, we’ll find you the right truck at the right time – anywhere in North America.

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