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We don’t just ship loads for our customers. We build true partnerships and protect their livelihoods with every shipment. We understand that getting your products where they need to go – on time, and at a fair market value is vital to the health of your business. Our goal is to make your life easier by handling the tedious and time consuming tasks of searching for equipment, scheduling appointments, dispatching drivers, and personally monitoring their progress from start to finish! Let our experienced and dedicated staff go to work for you.

Personal Relationships

A partnership with Vector guarantees a personal relationship that is practically unheard of in the industry. We understand that transportation is not a Monday through Friday, 9-to-5 business. At Vector, you’ll never receive an automated phone system or even voice mail – you will receive a live person 24/7/365! Vector utilizes the latest in technology to monitor your shipments, but we also rely on our team members to take personal ownership in each load, tracking the drivers’ progress the “old-fashioned” way – by talking to them!

Vector’s Exclusive Advanced Shipping Sense Standard.

Vector raised the bar for service in the transportation industry by introducing our exclusive ‘Advanced Shipping Sense’ standard to help shippers anticipate their shipping needs and build a customized logistical plan for maximum efficiency. Our Advanced Shipping Sense standard streamlines efficiency in ways other 3PL service providers cannot. By providing a one-stop shop from pickup to delivery and handling all of the tracking and communication in between, Vector’s services cut down on time and overall costs for our shipping professionals. With access to over 15 thousand carriers, Vector has you covered!

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